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Easily create, manage and distribute keyword searches...

Whether you're a content creator, social media manager or SEO, Quaro is the keyword tool for easy keyword research. Use relevant SEO data across departments and benefit from more customer orientation in all areas!

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Content Suite
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About the Content Suite

The only keyword tool you need!

Keyword Ideas

With the Ideas module, you can retrieve the most important keywords related to your search. Identify new topics, trends and seasonalities.

Keyword Suggests

Use the Suggests module to get suggestions from Google, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube and Instagram. What are the most searched long-tail keywords for your search term?


Identify the most relevant questions about your product or service. Find new content ideas in seconds!


The results are automatically prepared graphically for further use. Use the comment function to store the most important findings directly in the search.


Quickly and easily create as many keyword searches as you like. Share the searches you have created with your colleagues or invite them to work on them together. All searches are automatically updated when the new search volume is published.

Find new keyword ideas based on your input or a competitor's website
The chart shows you the search volume of the last 48 months
For the topic "sneaker" over 3000 keywords were found
You can easily mark keywords, export them, compare them in the graph, add them to the clipboard or delete them
Quaro Keyword Tool - Find Keyword Ideas
Find the most searched keyword combinations for your topic on Google
Where do your customers need help or which topic should be covered in the next guidebook? Identify the most frequently asked questions in your topic area with the W-question interface.
Find new products, variants and brands quickly and easily with the Amazon and Ebay interface
Use the YouTube interface to find the topics that are most searched for and identify the top hashtags for your Instagram post
Quaro Keyword Tool - Suggests Module
All W-questions have already been categorized for you to make searching and filtering easier!
Quaro Keyword Tool - W Questions
Here you can see a created research
You can comment on anomalies directly in the research and thus coordinate with your colleagues even more easily.
There are 2516 keywords stored in this search
The data from your research is automatically processed and edited for you (e.g. duplicates are removed).
Quaro Keyword Tool - Saved searches
Here you can access your saved keyword searches
Here you can see the number of keywords saved in the searches.
The Overall Graph helps you easily identify seasonalities
Here you can see from which country the keywords originate
Simply share your research and findings with your colleagues.
Here you can organize your saved keyword searches into projects
Quaro Keyword Tool - Projects and searches
Quaro Q

Customer testimonials about Quaro Keyword Tool

direct review

"Intuitive, efficient and ideal for sharing across the organization: Quaro makes it much easier for us SEO managers and other colleagues from other departments to do our everyday work significantly."

verified review

"What I like most is that we can create keywords for different shops/requirements in one central place, manage them & also share them with other people in the company."

direct review

"The SEO team can better and more strongly service other departments, create parallel research and target referrals, ultimately improving the portfolio improved."

verified review

"Keyword research can be created and shared much more efficiently. I only need one tool and save fiddling with Excel exports."

verified review

"Quaro allows analytics to be shared and edited quickly and easily across the organization - even for SEO novices."

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keyword research with quaro

Create a keyword research in seconds!

In Quaro you have all important data sources in one keyword tool. Find new keyword ideas in a few seconds, get exciting questions about your topic in the W-Question Tool and identify input suggestions from different platforms in the Suggest Tool. Collect the keywords that are most exciting for you in the clipboard and create a time-saving an extensive keyword research.

Once you have created a keyword research, the current monthly search volume is automatically added. You can add, comment or share your keyword researches together with your comment on them or share them with external people.


One keyword tool, all metrics at a glance!

With the Quaro Keyword Tool you have all important keyword metrics at a glance! An extensive and professional keyword research requires that not only the search volume is taken into account. Many other metrics must be considered before deciding for which keywords, for example, a new content article should be created or which keywords should be used for a new Google ad. or which keywords should be used for a new Google Ads campaign.

Google search volume

Get the exact Google search volume, average search volume per month and historical search volume for the last 4 years!

SERP features

Specifies which SERP items are displayed on the search results page. This includes organic, ads, and other types of results.

CPC - Cost Per Click

The CPC values indicate how much a click on an ad costs. The CPC value is divided into Top Range (minimum) and Lower Range (maximum).

Competition & Difficulty

Keyword Competition and Keyword Difficulty indicate how difficult it is to rank with a keyword in the paid and organic search results.

So our keyword tool not only takes your keyword research to a new level, but also helps you improve your keyword analysis using other metrics. These include historical search volume, SERP features, competition, keyword difficulty, keyword trends, season and much more. In addition, you have various filter and sorting functions are available.

quaro rocket

Keyword Clustering Tool

Manually clustering your keywords is a laborious and time-consuming process. You would have to invest a lot of time to identify and classify all relevant data - without and classify it - without any guarantee that you really found all the important information. Our keyword tool supports you with automatic categorization and tagging of your keywords. automatic tagging of your keywords. This makes clustering your keywords and research fast, easy and efficient. With these functions you create professional keyword research faster than ever before.

Google Categories

The found keywords are automatically assigned to Google product and service categories. Most of the keywords are in several categories. You can customize the assigned categories according to your wishes.

Keyword Clustering

Create your own columns with different properties and cluster your keywords according to your requirements. Once created columns and categories can be be used again and again. This way you save even more time!


Find smart content ideas with the W-question tool!

Our Keyword Tool offers a built-in W-Question tool that can help you identify questions and issues your target audience is facing. With the W-question tool, you can Generate content ideas that are tailored to your audience's queries and intentions. Not only can you identify questions and problems related to your product or service, but you can also about your product or service, but also find ideas for YouTube videos, guides, or social media posts. In this way, you can get a clear picture of the needs of your target audience and create valuable content that reaches them. Use the W-question tool to get more out of your content and reach your target audience. reach. By analyzing the actual search volume for the relevant keywords, you can be sure that your content is targeted to your audience's interests. is.

The W-question tool uses prepositions and comparison words in addition to the classic question words. This ensures that you get as many keywords as possible. In addition, the keywords found, or in this case W-questions, are directly provided with the corresponding tags, i.e. the respective question words, which can be used for sorting and can be filtered.

keyword metrics quaro

Analyze Google search results with Quaro Keyword Tool!

In addition to the many other features, our Keyword Tool now also offers you a preview of the Google search results. So you can have a detailed look at which websites are ranking rank for a certain keyword.

Next to the ranking URLs, the Domain Rank and the Page Rank are displayed. Every SEO professional is familiar with the Google PageRank metric. PageRank is an algorithm from Google that measures the importance of a web page based on the quality and quantity of web pages that link to it. Pages that have a higher PageRank (i.e. a large number of high-quality backlinks), are perceived and ranked by Google as more relevant than pages with a lower PageRank. The values range from 0 (no backlinks) to 1000 (many qualitative backlinks).

Since Google no longer offers PageRank, we now calculate it ourselves! Our metric is calculated based on the original method for ranking nodes in a linked database - which is the core principle of Google's PageRank algorithm.

In addition to the ranking URLs, the domain rank and the page rank, the estimated visits (estimated monthly visitors) are also displayed.

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Elaborate keyword research with Excel S-references and keyword planner


Quickly create keyword research in a single tool
Quaro Q Astro


Creating a lot of keyword research leads to overload & bottlenecks in the SEO team


Employees from all departments can quickly and independently retrieve keyword data
Quaro Q Astro


Created searches quickly become outdated and are only insufficiently used in the company


An up-to-date keyword database for the entire company in the cloud

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